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Redes Neuronales

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Recursos y enlaces sobre redes neuronales y sus aplicaciones.


Todos los enlaces

Neural Java
Neural Networks Tutorial with Java Applets
Artificial Neural Networks Technology
Tutorial sobre Redes Neuronales
Retina Simulation
Applet de simulación
Java Demonstrations of Neural Net Concepts
McCullogh-Pitts Neuron
This applet demonstrates a McCullogh-Pitts neuron.
Artificial Neuron
This applet demonstrates the basic structure and behaviour of an artificial neuron.
Neural Networks for Control: The Ball Balancing Problem
Consider the problem of balancing a ball on an adjustable beam. The ball starts with an initial position and initial velocity , and we require the ball to be brought to a rest at the center of the beam by dynamically adjusting the angle of the beam. This problem is a classic regulator-type control problem.


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