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Redes Neuronales

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Recursos y enlaces sobre redes neuronales y sus aplicaciones.


Todos los enlaces

Neural Java
Neural Networks Tutorial with Java Applets
Artificial Neural Networks Technology
Tutorial sobre Redes Neuronales
Retina Simulation
Applet de simulación
McCullogh-Pitts Neuron
This applet demonstrates a McCullogh-Pitts neuron.
Java Demonstrations of Neural Net Concepts
Artificial Neuron
This applet demonstrates the basic structure and behaviour of an artificial neuron.
Neural Networks for Control: The Ball Balancing Problem
Consider the problem of balancing a ball on an adjustable beam. The ball starts with an initial position and initial velocity , and we require the ball to be brought to a rest at the center of the beam by dynamically adjusting the angle of the beam. This problem is a classic regulator-type control problem.


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